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Correct. The Yoko's labeled 'LTS' are specifically made for the Elise. Not just the size, but also the tire construction (carcass) and compound.

These 'LTS' versions (at least here in europe) are not available from a regular tire shop. Only through Lotus dealers.

EVen the Bridgestone RE040 used on the european S2 is a specific type and you have to get a version with the right DOT code to identify it. The VX220/Speedster has a different DOT code on the (rear) tire, even though the size is the same. And then there's the 'normal' RE040 sold in regular tyre stores..

But.. All this doesn't mean you can't choose your own tires, especially if you have specific demands/uses that the normal tires don't address enough.

Just be aware that results of tires on other (heavier) cars may not translate at all to the Elise. A good tire on a 'normal' car may perform horribly on the Elise.

Just make sure you know what you are doing when changing to different (non-Lotus) tires.

Bye, Arno.
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