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Hi Folks,

Does anyone have a copy of the TSB related to the touring liner glue joint issue?

I am lead to believe that "2005/10 class 2 security of insulated soft top lining (elise, second issue) 27.05.05" refers to mechanical fixings being required to prevent persistent issues.

I've looked all over, even bought the entire manual and TSB offering from the Lotus site, but this particular doc. wasn't included.

My driver's side has completely failed. I took it apart and reaffixed the liner as discussed in many other threads on this site, but fundamentally that joint is designed to fail since it puts rubber/contact adhesive in a tensile/peel load case, so I suspect it won't be long for this earth.

Just as the chassis is bonded and fixed mechanically to prevent peeling at a joint... well it seems like an omission on the soft top design. Before I randomly apply mechanical fasteners to abate the peel condition, I figured ask if anyone knows what the approved solution is.

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