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Elise Videos Spa Francorchamps

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I'm not sure whether this belongs here or to the "sticky" thread "Video Links" in "News und Rumours". Anyway, these two clips show some Elise fun I had in Spa Francorchamps.

Video Elise vs. various Porsches at Spa Francorchamps.
approx. 9 min, 98 MB, 720x576 .WMV

2 quick Spa laps behind a 270 hp Donkervoort
30 MB .WMV

Enjoy! Peter :)
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Nice videos! Spa is one of my favorite tracks, wish I could drive it some day. Generally I prefer no music soundtrack in track videos, but trance is cool too. :)

What kind of Elise do you have?
That was a fantastic ride. Porsche eat Lotus dust! Thanks
@Vantage: it's a 2002 Standard Elise Mk.II with sports exhaust... :D

... kidding. The engine is a 2l Honda-Civic-Type-R which is a delight to drive.

Wow, very cool, thank you.

Can you tell me about the equipment that does the video overlay of the speed.

Thanks again! that was fun...
@DigitalElise: Data Logger from
"Virtual dashboard" mixed in to the Video with Magiox VideoDeluxe.
That was the Seven Mania day right? I was there too, together with Cai Cederholm in the black/dark blue S1 and with Mark Donalds in the silver motorsport Exige :)

Your car was very fast and looked superb :up: I'm not sure whether I'm having a brain-fade here, but weren't you the elise with sideskirts?
Is this what we in the US would call track days?

Much more aggresive driving allowed in this video!
Dan you are right, the footage is from a trackday (they're called the same over here :)). But track driving behaviour differs from event to event.

A trackday with Seloc or the newly formed Lotus On Track will have much stricter rules regarding overtaking etc.

This particular trackday was mostly attended by experienced drivers (the trackday part of the day also counted as a free practice for a race some of the attending cars would have at the end of day). I had some passenger rides during the day and although I can imagine the video looks a bit dangerous, I never had one scary moment on track.
Peter, I thought so. Your car looked a little too fast to be a 111S!
Hi Barney!

Yes, it was the green/yellow Elise type 25 with the sideskirts.

That silver Exige from GB was the fastest Lotus at the race that day. Something like 2:49,xx :bow:

Driving might look aggressive for some, but in fact it wasn't. Look at the silver 993 I tried to catch under braking before La Source (03:43). It was a fast car, completely empty and on Michelin Pilot Sport Cups. He didn't give up when I pulled alongside so I didn't push it, stayed on my line and we took the hairpin in formation flight. No problem. I didn't know the driver personally, but we did a couple of laps together and I figured he was quite experienced.
Same was true for the Donkervoort. I let him pass at Malmedy because it was clear he was the faster guy. Then I tried to follow him to learn something and gather video footage... :)
It's not as bad as it might look.

I didn't take part in the race though due to insurance issues (timed event).

A perfect day!

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True, Mark was absolutely flying in the Exige :clap: He didn't perform that well in the race though, mainly because of the aggresive drivingstyle some of the Seven guys used during the race. He was rather keen on keeping the car in one piece you see ;) (not a stupid thought if you remember how the race ended...) He's selling it btw and it's on the Plans Motorsports site. Awsome car.

Could you tell me a bit more about those skirts? How did you make them, do you use them on the public roads, do they really work, etc? I'm asking because Cai Cederholm in the dark coloured elise S1 (the swedish guy in the yellow racing suit with the gurney flap on the back of his car) was curious about them and was thinking of doing something similar to his car :)

Alternatively I could give you his e-mail adress? That way there is no chance for me to screw up telling him what you've told me ;):D
Barney, yes it was sad how the race ended. One of the crashpilots (Andy Höckmayr) ended up in my trunk a year ago. Crazy guy, dangerous driver.

The side skirts are commercially available from Brandes&Dschwüdow.

Together with the enlarged front flaps I think high speed stability at Autobahn speeds is improved a little.
The skirts are supposed to deliver approx 30 kg on the rear axle at 220 km/h according to the manufacturer.
It's no problem to use them on public roads, they're made from rubber and flexible enough.

Now that is great fun! Thanks for posting the video Peter.
Over the top

Best vid to date. How many times can I watch it?

I'll never tell. I felt like I was in the car. Thanks.
Ditto on the good video! Peter, how long have you been driving Elise's? I've had mine 3 months and tracked it and auto x'd it once. There's a learning curve that I am starting to recognize but it appears you know the limits very well.

How about all the pages of vids?
eliseowner2b said:
Ditto on the good video! Peter, how long have you been driving Elise's? I've had mine 3 months and tracked it and auto x'd it once. There's a learning curve that I am starting to recognize but it appears you know the limits very well.
Thanks. I am driving the Elise for 2 1/2 years now but I'm still learning. It's a great car, fun, rewarding and all, but it can be quite snappy compared to a front engined one. Look at min 9:11 (haha!) in the Porker Video, it required a full turn of opposite lock to catch the tail again.
Anyway, driving the Elise is just pure driving enjoyment when you are used to a modern car with power steering, power assited and anti-lock brakes, traction control etc.

Have fun!


P.S.: Interested in Nürburgring Nordschleife footage?
Post what you've got!
Nordschleife. The track is bumpy as hell and very fast. A quick lap done by a pro driver, it was only his second lap and he wasn't too familiar with the car.
(86 MB .WMV)

Filmed the same say, one of my first laps with new engine and suspension:
(14 MB .WMV)

Unfortunately, private filming is prohibited on the track since 2003.
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