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Elise wouldn't start ,problem with remote???

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I have been working on car for a while it hasn't ran for about 10 months .Today finally got exhaust done . Put battery in everything seems to be fine. Red light on top of RPM is blinking . put key in all lights come on mileage display . Keep pushing the remote , but red light keeps flashing . When I push remote button small red light comes on and stays for about 20 sec means battery in remote is fine .
Does anybody knows if alarm code resets if you have car battery disconected for such long period of time .
is there any way I can reprogram remote to work again .
Or even if there is a way to bypass thing all together .
The car is still in hundred pieces It would suck if I had to take it to the dieler .
Any advice is very welcome .
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It sounds like your immobilizer/alarm no longer recognizes the fob after all the time since you last ran the car. If the fob worked the last time you ran the car, try a simple resync. to get the alarm to recognize the remote again. Standing near the car, press and hold both buttons on the fob at the same time while watching the small red light on the fob. After holding the two buttons, you will see the light go to solid instead of blinking. Now release the two buttons and press just one button. If the alarm now recognizes the fob again you should see it respond with the proper action to that one button. If that doesn't work, you will have to go through the detailed programming as described in the first post on this thread:
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