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I have a completely plug and play EP tuning ECU originally sold by eliseparts for around $1800. They have since discontinued it. This is plug and play for 06+ elige with no drilling or rewiring required. The tuning cable connects to the obdii port inside the cabin and you simply connect that to a laptop. Full ignition, fuel, VVT timing, cam crossover, and most essential tuning functions that you would find in a standalone ems.

I am also including a wiring adapter that will allow you to use this on 05 drive by cable as well. I purchased this as extra from eliseparts ($500). However on 05 cars the ecu will have to be custom mounted since the bolt holes are different.

So included:
- EP tuning ecu pnp for 06+
- wiring adapter for 05 plus MAP sensor
- tuning cable and program
- base maps provided to me by eliseparts and i will include my current tuned map as well (may not work for your application).

My asking price is $500 shipped. since the item is discontinued, you may not find aftermarket support. I can provide some limited assistance to get the initial setup going. I made 370whp on my turbo elise using this ecu. For NA cars or factory supercharger it’s fairly easy to tune. Send me a PM if interested.


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