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My car is a Lotus Exige N/A.

I was out driving the other day when the other day when the engine suddenly lost all power. I stopet on the side of the road. It would idle fine but giving throttle would lead to the engine wanting to cut out. Stopt the engine and it wouldn´t start again.

Got towed home and charged the battery wich was empty. The car then startde but giving throttle stil makes it want to cut out. If I tap the throttle quickly it will rev but holding it down just makes it cough and die.

During this winter storage it would drain the battery more quickly than usual.

I have tried switching to a new battery but it dident help.

Error codes:
Intake Valve-Bank 1 Control Circut Low
Idle control System Circut Low
EVAP Emission Control System Purge Valve C Open
A Rocker Arn Actuator Ctrl Circ Low Bank1

Please, help

Solved: R3 fuse. The new one still havent blown. Lets hope that it was the bad battery that caused it one to go...
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