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Engine mount buffer washers?

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I am trying to gather enough parts to set an engine and transmission into place in one of my rolling chassis cars in preparation for it's trip across the US (Phoenix to Ohio) on a trailer. In order to do this I need to gather some parts like engine and transmission mount pieces. I figure I will just buy new rubber mount bits but apparently there are some special engine mount buffer washers (upper and lower) that are part of the engine mount assembly. The lower washers are different than the upper washers. If anyone has any of these lying around spare I would like to purchase them if you don't need them. A full set of two uppers and two lowers would be nice but even a partial set would be helpful when I go to install an engine into the second engine-less car that is already in Ohio.

BTW, I don't think it makes a difference but the two engine-less rolling chassis cars are 1989 and 1990 cars.