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Up for sale/trade is my 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX GSR SE, English Racing built and tuned. The car started out as a Special Edition, however I dumped over 2 grand into the interior with the mindset of turning this car into a killer track/autox/drag car. It’s been reliable to me, besides reminding me that everytime I get in the car I start shaking. Whenever you hop in this car you get the great opportunity, of today being the day you meet the grim reaper. The car does have a rebuilt title, however you can message me and I’ll send you a build thread I had made on EvolutionM and see the amount of bodywork it went through to fix what “branded” the title.

I’ve owned the car for over 6 years, buying it at an auction(dealer, not IAA) knowing it needed someone who could give it TLC. After seeing many evo’s getting parted out, I felt the need to save this one. I put way to much money into this car and it would save someone a pretty penny buying or trading for this instead of building one of their own to replicate a similar build. Once the stock engine blew I had it sent to English Racing for a complete tear-down and rebuild. They were more than friendly and very knowledgeable, helping me with nearly every decision on how I wanted the car to perform and what to do to get it that way.

The car originally had a ETS 6466 kit that made over 700hp on the dynojet with only 1350cc injectors… I figured it would be a more fun, safer car, with a HTA GT3582R, while still being able to make the same power on E85.

I will be pulling the heads off the car prior to sale and doing a block inspection/cylinder inspection. If I notice any imperfections I will be paying for and replacing anything. Since the shop will be pulling it I figured I’ll install complete new gaskets.

As for the build

English Racing machine-work. Still a straight 2.0 litre, not a 2.3/2.2 build.
9:1 Wiseco HD Pistons
Oliver150mm Rods
New gaskets all around
Gates timing belt
ARP Head Studs
ACL race main, rod, and thrust bearings
Balance Shaft Delete
GSC Lifters
GSC S2 Cams
Evo 9 Crank (good for 900hp)
New waterpump
New OEM oil pump
New NGK spark plugs (changed religiously gapped to .018-.020)

Engine/power mods/weight
ETS 6466kit, replaced this with an HTA GT3582R.
English Racing Double pumper
Fuel Injector Clinic 1350cc injectors
ETS Dyno Tune (e85, can dual-map for pump and ethanol)
ETS 4inch Speed Density Intake
ETS 3.5inch FMIC and misc piping
Tial Wastegate
Grimspeed boost solenoid
English Racing Mini Battery kit
ETS Short Route upper intercooler piping kit(for mini battery)
AEM LSU Wideband Sensor
Complete new turbo hoses, coolant, oil, vacuum…

Originally had a Competition Clutch, bought a Exedy Triple Disc which had a manufacturers defect and needs a rebuild(roughly ~$800 for parts).
It does have a new ACT 6-puck clutch that I threw in for the time being until I rebuild the Triple Disc, or the buyer will get to be the lucky person to throw it back together.
Volk Limited LE28-N Wheels, 18x8.5 (+30?) They clear brembos with ease.
NGK open ended lugnuts(black)
Stainless steel feed line for slave cylinder(with more stainless steel lines to put on, havent had the time)
Fortune Auto 500’s, swift springs. Took almost a month for them to build and ship to me, they feel great.
The Falken Azenis I had on were completely bald and I needed tires ASAP for the new tune, so I went with what my tire shop told me to get if it was going to be a temporary set. Vinezzia Crusade, 255/45/18r. They are cheaper but to my surprise grip excellent. Planning on getting a set of r888r’s in the soon future.
New Wheel-Bearings
Complete new fluid changes in engine, differentials, trans, transfercase, radiators etc…

C-West front bumper and sideskirts(expect 6-12 months to get these parts, special order/shipped from japan)
The front bumper had cracked when it was towed after the MAP sensor went bad, I was not with the car and the truck driver messed up the front bumper. I will be fixing this aswell and can send pictures before/after of the damage to the bumper. I was quoted $400 for a match and respray from a friend who painted the ETS Evo Drag Car
JDM Rear Bumper
Seibon +20mm Carbon Fiber Fenders
Rexpeed mini carbon fiber spoiler(was not a fan of the boyracer wing, can straight trade this one for the OEM wing if needbe)
Stripped backseat & trunk.
Yes, no backseats, throw a widebody on and weld the backdoors shut.
I pulled the Special Edition seats and sold them to a buddy who was restoring an Evo 8
The car has two Sparco Pro 2000’s which are extremely comfortable and grip you better than any other seats I’ve sat in. They hug you on harder than your mom does when dad would come home in an alcoholic craze.
The driver-side seat is a Pro2000i (up to 34inch waste)
Passenger side is a Pro2000ii(34inch waste and bigger). It’s an evo, thick chicks and dudes with dicks will be the only passengers you have.
They are not on sliders but you can buy them from 425motorsports for an extra 80-100 bucks and throw them on, or just remount them into your desired position.
OR you could sell these two seats for ~$2000 and buy a mint SE/SSL interior for $1300 and under
Side-column gauge pods, Boost, volts, and oil pressure.
AEM Air Fuel Ratio gauge is on the steering column.
Still has center console for storage/cup holders and radio/sound system.

Writing this ad makes me not want to sell the car. It puts an ear to ear grin on my face everytime I drive it. It drives like a dream, and pulls even harder. I change the oil and spark plugs every 1000 miles. It only consumes BradPenn 20w50 oil.

I’m looking for something more tame, no i don’t want your subaru or hotboy 240sx/miata. I also don’t have the desire anymore to get pulled over after doing a pull going 120+ in a 60mph zone.

If I cannot find a buyer or someone that’d be willing to trade an M3/Lotus/other fun car I’ll end up keeping it and caging it, turning it into a hillclimb/event car and removing it from the street.

Have plenty more pictures on my phone for serious inquiries. Thanks for taking the time reading, and looking at my Evo!
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