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When I was doing the Stan's shifter mod, I realized the front of the shifter housing rocked left and right when the shifter is moved.

I added a 3rd bolt to the right and tightened all the bolts, but the shifter housing still rocked a bit.

Then I realized the extrusion piece that serves as the base of the shifter is corrugated, there is very little contact area to the shifter base.
The extrusion piece also flexes up and down a little bit when the shifter goes left and right, all that plus the lack of support in the middle of the housing contribute to the sloppiness.

What I did was to put a layer of JB Weld SteelStik under the shift base.
I put a piece of plastic sheet between the putty and the shifter so they wouldn't stick together. The shifter was bolted down before the putty dried to squeeze out the excess.

For the middle reenforcement, I got a solid 1" x 3" aluminum bar stock.
The shifter iss bolted to the bar stock in 3 places.

The shifter feels quite solid now. The hand brake feels very solid.


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The frame of the shifter is stamped steel that has been welded together. No extrusions there that I know of. That said, I had a similar case of the shifter rocking because the front of the shifter base was slightly convex viewed from the bottom resulting in the center of the base contacting the forward seat mounting rail in the center and not allowing the bolts to both be snug.

Bending the bottom of the shifter base with a big crescent wrench until it was flat fixed the issue. Shifter's much better now. I did also install the third bolt with a spacer, which also stiffened things.

All in all, the stock shifter base is probably adequate for most people if carefully adjusted and installed. Most of the shifter slop I have now is in the sliding bushing in the Toyota linkage in the back and in the cables themselves.
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