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I did my first oil change in my Evora (2009 body / 400 engine) with 0W40 Mobil1 this past weekend and when I started it up afterward I got a code P0522 which seems to point to "Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Low Input". I cleared the code and it didn't come back yet but I haven't idled the car too much (wheels still off as well)

The car also has a rough idle and when blipping the throttle the RPMs were slow to spin up and come down and just floating.

Oil level seems fine but the dip stick is as others have mentioned before useless in its current design. I'm going to try and imprint it as others have suggested. The oil fill cap is in place and properly tightened. Under the car I have had 2 drops but haven't attributed those to any fresh leak. May have just been from when I drained it and didn't clean off the full housing.

I was thinking about just removing and installing the filter and seeing how it is but also wanted to see if anyone else had any thoughts.
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