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Esprit Steering Wheel For Sale - 2004

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Greetings Loti Gang,

Long time... Willy here of Blue Thunder and Predator...

I am selling a 2004 Esprit Steering Wheel which came off of my Brother's Orange 2004 Final Edition Esprit. It fits all 1998-2004 Esprits. It was on the car for only a few months after the it was purchased, as he did the typical RAID Steering wheel change up. It is literally in brand new condition and the Airbag is intact. I understand LOTUS is selling these for over three times this amount and as we all know, won't be available after next year. Send me a PM or reply to this post and I will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also text me at (305) 776-9246. I always post here first before going to Ebay... Selling for $300 obo. (Plus Shipping which will be whatever it costs me)

Thanks for looking! :clap:


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BTW guys, I'm taking offers on the wheel... It will go live on Ebay on Tuesday I believe, but feel free to chime in... Thanks!!
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