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Esprit suspension bushings, good source?

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While surveying and planning out the repairs to the engine and transaxle on my '88 esprit I noticed the rear suspension bushings are pretty bad. The bushings are obviously out of round/center and the rubber looks pretty shot, both on the lower transverse link and the upper link.

Is there a good source for the suspension bushings? Are they Lotus-specific? Is JAE the vendor to go to? Are there good quality generic bushings? Not looking for poly or anything exotic, just the standard rubber in the right dimensions.

Related, does anyone know where an adjustable upper link can be had for an '88?

Thanks in advance.
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JAE has the standard rubber bushings.
They also have some poly bushings...

Lotus made rear suspension poly bushings but they were quite expensive for what you got, according to Jeff @ JAE a few years ago. I believe JAE also carries other poly bushings.

Remember that the Esprit bushings need a certain amount of "give" to function as Lotus designed, so a stiff poly is NOT what you want.

If you are going to stick with rubber, then OE or equivalent is the way to go.


I believe the later adjustable upper link bolts right in. JAE would know about availability. Or you can make your own, as Travis (Vulcan grey) did.
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