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Good morning everyone - I have the following items for sales from my 97 V8:

Lotus Esprit V8 918 Crankshaft - pristine condition crankshaft. This polished and balanced crankshaft can fit the v8 model of the Esprit. Bought from JAE.

Lotus Esprit V8 918 Camshaft Set (all 4) - Good condition camshaft set (all 4).

Louts Esprit V8 918 Flywheel – The surface may need to be machined (if that's possible)

Lotus Esprit V8 918 Block – a Lotus Esprit v8 – complete block with mains and bolts.

Lotus Esprit V8 918 Valve Covers – good conditions, may need to be repainted

Lotus Esprit V8 918 Oil Pump – Has a new seal. Bought from JAE

Lotus Esprit V8 t25 Turbos – They are twin Garett turbos with exhaust manifolds, need to built rebuilt.

Lotus Esprit AC Compressor – almost new.

Lotus Esprit Wiring Harness – Complete Harness.

Lotus Esprit Alternator – perfect working condition.

Piston rings – Brand new set. Never Used.

Lotus Esprit v8 cylinder Liners – 4 brand new liners. From JAE and 4 used Liners in good working conditions. For a total of 8 liners heads.

Lotus Esprit V8 heads- Includes Left and right head. Not good condition and needs machining, and resurfacing. Includes springs and valves
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