I have seen claims that Lotus rated the 350 HP Esprit 3.5L V8 by wheel HP (WHP) as opposed to crankshaft brake HP (BHP).

Never paid it much mind because that would mean the engine was putting out more like 415 BHP, since typical RWD drivetrain losses are on the order of 15%. Seems like if it was really a 415 HP engine that fact would be showing up in a lot more discussions of mods, tuning, etc.

So I remain sceptical, but this dyno run on a supposedly stock 1999 V8 in fact showed 352 WHP measured at the axle. In the video it appears they over-revved it past 7000 RPM, which is curious since there's supposed to be a fuel cutoff around that limit. Guess it's possible the tach just drifted up due to being at its range limit. At any rate the chart indicates peak HP was reached at 6712 RPM, which should be about right.



Thoughts or comments?