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Did you get excited there for a minute thinking I might have some insider information?!?!? Sorry for the premature excitement.

I know there are alot of talented people out there, and maybe Lotus will read this and use an idea found on this site, so let's hear them and see them (for those video inclined).

Opening scene - gentleman pulls into driveway with Elise, opens the middle of a three car garage, pulls in, garage door closes.

Scene 2 - family at dinner table with two younger kids. Wife says, "Honey can you take the kids to school in the morning?". Kids look at dad and smile.

Scene 3 - next morning, you hear an engine start, quick pics of "dad" with racing helmet on and driving gloves sitting in car, you then see the third door of the garage open, maybe see the tailights but limited view of car.

Scene 4 - pics of dad racing around a race track (disclaimer that this was on a closed course with a professional driver), some shot of paddle shifting.

Scene 5 - above shot of the Ethos pulling up to the front of the school.

Scene 6 - pics of two kids sitting in the back seat of the Ethos with racing helmets on.

Scene 7 - miscellaneous shots of the Ethos with audio of announcer running down the stats. Official Ethos trademark - "Finally, a track car for the whole family" or maybe "Ethos - The official family race car" or "Like the Elise, just bigger"
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