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Euro vs US test drive

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I couldn’t stay away. I knew Star motors had received their US demo car and I had read some posts about how much better these cars are compared to the Euro cars with the Rover engine. I went over and visited Wally and got a test drive.




They really did an amazing job. The biggest difference from the euro car was a tie: 1) Power, yes with a capital P and 2) ride. I was expecting the power, but not such a broad powerband. You could drive this car all day under 4500 and be VERY happy. It zips along much better than any Honda / Mazda 4-banger. It pulls well from any RPM. I don’t know if there is magic there other than the low weight, but I can tell you the euro car was much softer powered. Once you get over 4500 and the cams switch over, HOLD ON. This ride is rated PG-13. You WILL be shouting expletives. It is amazingly fast. It feels as fast the NSX once in the powerband. It is geared well and stays on the big cam if you shift at redline and shoves you in the seat pretty hard. This is one 4-cylinder that will not be cruising down the straight at TWS. Now, about this ride.. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t mistake it for a Cadillac, but it is way, way better than the euro car. About on par with a modern M3. The old car crashed HARD on every pavement seam and pothole. I remember being worried that the windshield might break. This one absorbs most of those and still has that go-kart handling feel that I loved so much in the first one I drove. They have also dramatically improved the fit and finish, especially in the interior. The textures on the new car are very nice and not kit-car looking like the euro car. Bravo Lotus!

Now all they need to do is get cracking on their production and make one for us. Because we are so far down the list, we’re not scheduled to get our car until the second half of next year. :-(

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Nice drive report, thanks ! :p
Ara, that is pretty much, word for word, my experiences so far also. Now to see the difference with a Sport Pack.

Don't forget that the Euro-spec 111R gets the same Toyota engine as the US cars. I would like to see a comparison between those too. From what I've heard it's basically the same car, but with the US version having a slightly softer suspension set up (due to road differences). Quality control throughout the Lotus range went up dramatically after GM got on board with the VX.
Actually I posted the US suspension geometry and was told by someone in the UK it's essentially the same setup as euro cars. The exhaust on the R seems slightly quieter to me, but I drove a 111R on a limited basis.
Evl said:
Can I ask which eruo car you were in? 111s?
Yes. Star had one as a demo car for a while earlier this year.

Any yes, Randy, the question is "what about the sport pack"? I am tempted to drive to San Antonio and beg for a ride in the LSS demo.

Anyone put a cage in one yet? :)

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