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Hello all,

It's been a long time since I've read the names Kiyoshi, PhilE, TimE, Mike, and others. Good to know, though it makes me feel guilty, that you're still maintaining the Lotus candle.

I've sold my Europa as a rolling basket, quite some sadness there, but I am not capable of bringing it back to life.

However, in the process of cleaning the garage, I've found some bits and pieces that might be very difficult to find now that I would like to pass on to those who might be seeking them. Note that in most cases, these bits and pieces are the parts removed and replaced from my 72 Europa TC. I saved them to refurbish.

A) Transmission rear cover, 4sp, p/n 7700511487 in the casting. Hairline cracks, scored bearing surfaces
B) Smiths Speedometer cable, sheath good, core bad on transmission end (imagine THAT!). P/N 161700 138 167
C) A pair of Tim Engle's headlight covers, never installed (NWT!!!)
D) Lower control arms, one slightly bent, about 1cm over full length. Should be an easy repair.
E) Rear outer wheel shaft: bearing lands refurbished, U-joint yoke messed up, but apparently usable, splines and threads fine.
F) Damper collars, probably for rear. Not sure whether these came off the car when I put on Konis, or that they were a speculative acquisition.
G) Lucas starter and solenoid. P/N 25209B 24 72. Dirty, and unlikely to be working.

I have pictures, but too lazy to post them at the moment. contact me if there's interest.

Andy Huang
ex 72 Europa TC
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