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(Moderator: I hope I'm posting this correctly, apologies otherwise!)

Hi all,

Giving away parts from my 72 TC. With the exception of the headlight covers, these are all used/damaged parts that were kept to be rebuilt if the need arose.

1) Transmission rear cover (4sp), scored bearing faces, possibly hairline cracks around shifter shaft
2) Lucas Starter/Solenoid
3) Rear spring perches
4) Bosch Alternator
5) Rear hub shaft, refinished bearing lands, damaged u-joint yoke
6) Headlight covers by Tim Engle, NIB, WT (!)
7) Smiths speedometer cable, housing good, core not
8) Lower control arms, one slightly bent

Contact me for more details
These will be discarded if there's no need.

Andy Huang (hello Kiyoshi, Phil!)


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