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Even *more* LA Auto Show Pix -- Elise only

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Couldn't get enough Elise pix from the other threads? Here are some more:

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Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. It looks packed there. Or is it just that way around the Elise booth? :D

Great pics, really appreciate them. I really like the way the red one looks in your pics. Would you say the pics are a fairly good representation of how the red looks in person?
Pics like these provide great input for trying to choose a color. Thanks again
Thanks, the show was packed today, and the Lotus booth was wall to wall people. You had to ask *nicely* to get in to the inner part of the booth so you could sit in the cars. Otherwise you were stuck outside the barriers 3 people deep.

Regarding the color of the red, the first two pics are fairly close, the last pic makes it look darker than it really is. To me it looked perfect in real life, nice and bright, pure red.


The forged wheels looked a little better on the red car than on the yellow one, for some reason.

It looked to me like the side reflectors are just stuck on, hopefully they can be easily removed.

The new dash looked nice.

The seats are a little different than what I have seen, the stitching is good looking.

The addition of the Start Button on the left part of the dash (ala S2000) is a nice feature.

The red seats looked better in real life than I imagined they would.

The US Spec steering wheel loses very little from the Euro version, not a bad wheel at all.

The bottom of the hard top is nicely finished in black fabric.

The new 6 speed shift knob looks great, as does the leather boot for it and the reverse ring. The entire shift pod still isn't as securely attached as I would like to see, it can be moved from side to side fairly easily.

The additional height of the front hood to make room for the ABS booster is barely noticeable, not an issue.
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Thanks for the great I'm more confused about color choice:D My original choice was Bordeaux, being around Ferraris everyday means that I am so sick and tired of seeing red sportscars but that red looks so hot on the Elise. Krypton Green looks almost identical to my Gti...although I love Volkswagens in general I bought it mainly for the color:)
THANKS for the great pictures - wish I could sit in one! Bought one sight unseen except for photos, so you provide a very important service. Please post anything else you have from the show, especially details.

Does the passenger seat have the pump-up lumbar support too?

You have my gratitude.
The Atlanta auto show is in March 10 - 14 I hope they bring a few of the cars from LA here. After all Lotus USA is HQed here in Atlanta!
Thanks for the info. I love the red, and from your pics it looks like it wont look some what orange in bright sunlight. Great shots
Great pictures! Thanks to you and everybody else who posts pictures and info from the auto show for us folks sitting at home.
I have a color question about the Arctic Silver.

Just how much silvertone is in the color? In person does it have a lot of pearl overtones? In the pics it looks great.

Also I wish they had displayed the Bordeaux Red Pearl. I think I would really like it if it was less pearl and more candy.. :)

The silver is good, about the same as what you would see on a BMW or Mercedes. I doesn't appear to have pearl in it to me, and the metallic flakes are not too big like on most American cars. Although it doesn't stand out as much as the brighter colors, silver would be a great choice for daily driving. The silver car at the auto show had the red leather interior, gives it some character on the inside even though the outside is subdued (fewer speeding tickets?).

The Bordeaux Red Pearl is definitely not candy red, it is darker and more like the color of red wine, hence the name. The color looks very similar to the 40th Anniversary Corvette from last year, if you need a reference.

From what I have seen, Lotus has done a good job of selecting a variety of nice colors for the car.
Thanks, s2ka. I really would like a pearlized white car and the silver looked the closest to it.

As for the Bordeaux, what I meant was more of a dazzling deep cranberry rather than a pearl maroon. :)

Great Pics! Thanks for posting them!

Just registered to this site a few days ago and have been very interested in what you guys have to say. I am #77 at a dealer in the Chicago-Land area since last February and am waiting to hear from the dealership to call me to have me come down and order my Elise!

Very interesting...................
If you are wondering why none of the mini-cars has been stolen yet, they are bolted onto the stands. However, I was told that someone stole a gearshift knob from one of the cars during the media days!
jml1952 said:
If you are wondering why none of the mini-cars has been stolen yet, they are bolted onto the stands. However, I was told that someone stole a gearshift knob from one of the cars during the media days!
Too bad they didnt steal the side reflectors.:D

They should have put Chasecams in the cars for survaillance!

Hmm, I think I may have found a new way to get the hardtop option, and the LSS wheels for a greatly reduced price.

It was the same way at the NY auto show a few years ago.
It's amazing that the cars still had the radios in them, some punks even ripped off the hood ornaments from the Mercedes Benzs. I guess the dvd players from the minivans will be next.
if that elise is arctic silver, what color is the Esprit?

I really need help determining the difference b/t the 3 cars and this would be helpful

so is the esprit storm titanium or the new Gunmetal equivalent?


By the way, the small models of the Elise on display can be purchased (~$20). They are made by HPI Racing: (#7476) (#7376)

They fit on most popular 1/10th scale radio controlled cars, the shell comes clear and you can paint it to whatever color you prefer. Available here and at most hobby shops:

The first generation Elise body is also available.
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There are some pics of the elise and many of the other cars from the LA show at for anyone who can't get enough pics....
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