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Here the a snippet from a good article on Jalopnik:

Speaking with Louis Kerr, Evija’s Principle Platform Engineer, about the car itself, it’s obvious that one of the car’s star attributes is the battery. This thing is a power monster. Boasting a two megawatt peak power (roughly 2,800 HP)output, and running at 1.4 megawatts (a smidge over 1,900hp) on the regular from its 70kWh battery, it’s not lacking for grunt. Each of its four electric motors deals out 500 HP to stick to the road.

But why that much? Two things. The first: a lap time.

“We set ourselves a particular lap time and wanted to achieve that and that drove the power and platform of the battery,” Kerr explained.

Which track? The Nürburgring, of course. The Nio EP9 is an obvious target for Lotus, and Kerr reckons the Evija will see it off comfortably.
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