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In the same EVO magazine, Page 33,
under 'Newsbriefs', there was some
info on our 'step-sister' Vauxhall:
Due to be unveiled at the MPH show in
London (already happened) Nov. 18-21,
is the S-Sport V-XS we first revealed in
EVO 066. Based on the Vauxhall VX220,
the S Sport has a coupe body (all new -
apart from the doors) with a lift off roof
panel, and is powered by a GM sourced
V6 that, fitted with new throttle bodies,
develops a claimed 310 bhp. Drive goes
through a Getrag 5-speed transaxle and
the car is fitted with new , double-
wishbone suspension. Prices for a new
V-VX are expected to be in the region of
40-45,000 Lbs, though it will also be
able to convert your existing VX220.
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