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Hello All,

My rear bumper is a bit misaligned with the driver side having a much larger gap to the clam than the passenger side. Does anyone have directions on how to adjust/remove the 400 rear bumper? Pictures would be super helpful as well … Thanks in advance!



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Should be the same as the S1 (which isn't very hard, just time consuming):

To remove/refit rear bumper

1. From inside the boot, remove the trim panel from around the latch mechanism, and disconnect the harnesses
to the rear fog and reverse lamps, parking sensors and reverse camera.

2. From within each rear wheelarch, release the single fixing securing the lower edge of the bumper to the
subframe bracket, and the two fixings at each side securing the diffuser finisher to the diffuser. Also release
the single fixing securing the top edge of the bumper to the clamshell flange.

3. From within each side of the boot, remove the two grommets, and release the two fixings securing the
bumper top edge to the clamshell. Also remove the single screw just outboard of the tail lamp.

4. Remove the 5 fixings along the rear edge of the boot aperture, clamping the bumper to the clamshell.

5. Carefully withdraw the bumper from the clamshell.

6. Refit the bumper in reverse order to removal, ensuring that the diffuser finisher panel is first fitted, and
adjust the panel heights and gaps as necessary.

Even better, see this post by Mobius97 with a link to Service Notes Section BV.7 with diagrams:
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