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2021 Evora GT, Monoco White, 6sp, black+red interior, glass hatch
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As you know, the driver’s side rear view mirror of an Evora GT does not adjust laterally as much as many of us would like. The farther one is from the mirror the more pronounced this issue is. I have long legs (35” inseam) so it’s an issue for me.

I bought a blind spot mirror and placed one of the pair on the driver’s side. Without a doubt it’s very helpful. I can look in the primary mirror, then in the blind spot mirror and give a quick look out the window (you never know) and I’m all good.

I did take a series of photos from a very upright position with the camera (iPhone) placed against my nose. There was a point at which you can see very little of the passing car in either mirror. However, at this point the car loomed large in my side window. Note that if I had leaned forward, I would have seen much more of the passing car in the mirrors. I didn't think posting the photos would help. I'll try to do a video with a link.

They come in pairs. I haven’t seen the need, nor have I installed, the one for the passenger side.

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