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Evora IPS sometimes shifts a little hard into 1st

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I've had my 2013 Evora IPS for around 2 months now with only 350 miles driven so far. I'm not really familiar with how this transmission is supposed to react and have noticed that it sometimes shifts into 1st a little hard at low speeds when not using the paddle shifters.
Is this normal?
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I have noticed this also. I have a fairly steep (and short) driveway. If I get into the driveway and the car downshifts to 1st it is rather abrupt. I would consider this outside the "normal" parameters of the IPS. I tend to now slow down enough coming to the driveway for it to shift into 1st or take control with the paddles and that seems to work fine.

Not sure what is "normal" but I would consider a high performance sports car to be not as adept to this type of maneuver.

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The mystrious IPS does the same with me. Anyhow, big difference between normal and sport. Normal: silky shifting always. Sport: sometimes totally hard shifting especially from 3rd to 2nd and 2nd to 1st. The warmer the engine, the less this event. Anyhow: the shifting in sportmode is often good and sometimes unexpected rude.
I learned to live with that. Run 14'000 miles now.

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You guys need to drive more high performance automatics. In my ML63, your head would practically bounce off the windshield when it dropped into first in manual mode. Never had an issue in 3 years.
yeah, my 991 and SMG M3 could get aggressive on that shift
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