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Evora Sales

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What's going on? It seems like every 10th post is a new Evora owner. Secret factory cash, realistic dealers? Finally people seeing what a ridiculously amazing car this is? Okay, maybe it's like 5 or 6 cars, but isn't that about 10% or more of all the unsold stock, new or used?
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I know!!! It's great these cars are moving! I noticed a steady increase in December. I don't think there's a incentive going on right now. When there is, we usually hear about it. Not to mention, when there was the conquest/loyalty incentive, not many posted that they got their cars as part of the program. (Just 2 that I know of). I think some people were just putting off a purchase until the new year - which it is.
Prices are low but it is best that the excess inventory is getting soaked up.
Some first owners moving on too.
For me, I am trading up from my turbo elise to a family car ... aka evora
It was just happenstance that we bought the Evora now as we knew that we wanted one for quite some time. It was nice that there was a lot of old inventory sitting around but it seems like those of us that bought recently got worse deals than those that bought back in the fall with the conquest/loyalty pricing.
For me, I am trading up from my turbo elise to a family car ... aka evora

Finally enough out there to get noticed and all the great (for the most part) press is finally also getting noticed. Track presence for Elige owners has been an eye opener as well.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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