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Only go down this rabbit hole with an open mind because it isn't for everyone...

This anime from 2000-2002 was too ahead of its time to be relevant or gain popularity but is much more relevant today. The premise is a technofuture where people don't drive but are transported by AI-driven EVs. Except for age-unrestricted expert drivers (ex-Drivers) licensed to drive ICE cars on public roads to deal with rogue EVs and--as the story progresses--beyond.

The plot is decent but you really watch it for the cars. Anime normally focuses on Japanese cars but this one unconventionally favors European cars with Lotus/Caterham in the limelight. Emira was on my mind the whole time because it's a Lotus straddling this transitory period of clash between ICE/EV. ex-Driver is an adventurous take on that narrative and I hopelessly wish the Emira would inspire the creators to make it the protagonist car in a reboot.

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Europa drifting ahead of an Alpine A110, Countach, and Esprit!

I won't spoil the main villain cars for you ;)

I watched this offline thanks to my brother but found the 6-episode miniseries (arrow buttons toggle between first 3/last 3) and movie streaming free here: | Search results | Watch Free TV Online | Tubi

Another free site just for the 6-episode miniseries: Watch eX-Driver OVA episodes English Sub/Dub online Free on

Forewarning if watching with kids: It contains suggestive adult innuendos (as per usual for anime) but nothing X-rated.
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