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Example Of Exhaust System Comparison...

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FWIW here is what one of the BMW sites did, a specialist site for the E30 M3. Just a simple selection of exhaust sounds at a car show, away from any buildings. It's not scientific but does give the listener a sense of the sound characteristics. My E30 M3 with a Borla can set off car alarm vibration sensors. Stock or Stage 2 won't do that.
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My stock exhaust routinely set off car alarms in Atlantic City parking garages. I'd putter along in 1st, with my wife giving me that sly grin. As we passed cars, there'd be a cacophony on alarms sounds behind us. I found it amusing; of course, I'm easily amused. My QS will set off more, guaranteed.:D
My stock exhaust tends to set of car alarms in the parking garage at work. As I slowly roll toward them, the alarm on one car tends to chirp a warning, so of course, I shove in the clutch and blip the throttle causing the alarm to trigger.:evil: rotfl rotfl
Parking garages, eh? I'll have to try this out some more...
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