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Exhaust Advice

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After searching all over the forum my mind is numb with the many exhaust setups I've seen. I have a stage 3 exhaust, stock cat and stock header. I don't want an aftermarket header at this time b/c I don't think I'll stay with the 2zz in the long run. I intended to keep everything as is but go with a larini decat.

Looking for some advice and/or wisdom on why I shouldn't do this. I plan on getting a tune but I can't find any downfall to my plan other than it will eventually destroy the muffler.
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That Larini de cat is certainly nice sounding...

I had stock header, Larini De cat, and 2bular exhaust.It sounded muy bueno nasty when I put that decat on...:up:

Now I am 2bular header, decat, and exhaust all the way back. It pops better on downshifts, but the sound had something more exotic with that Larini de cat on stock header.( sold it )

I thought it would be deeper with the 2bular header, but it seems to have had the opposite effect slightly. Just the same I did not buy the 2bular system for sound. I guess all you need to take from that, is the de cat makes a real nice difference even with the stock header.

RE: Fears about 2bular exhaust wait times are rather unfounded in my personal experience. I had my 2bular header within 2 weeks. He also was extra special nice/ cool for some reason with me ( Thank you Sir !) I won't out him cause he might charge you for the extras you do need. 1 possibly 2 weeks at my door it was... From UK to USA. It took longer to have it ceramic coated locally than delivered from Jim in the UK. It's not that complicated and the world is rather small these days. Maybe it is timing, but how many of you have actually just contacted him and ordered his product ? FYI. My data point is only 2 months old.
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