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Exige Carbon Fiber wing (OEM style)

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Selling my OEM style CF wing because I am getting a clam mounted wing. It's not in perfect shape, there is a small starburst crack on the top as seen in the second picture. Weighs 5lbs, about 1.5lbs lighter than stock. The other marks are from me touching it, it's a bit dirty from being driven in the rain today.

With OEM style wing ends: $300
Including RLS wing ends: $400

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Is it the same width as stock, or is it the wider one? (interested in the wider one)
Same as stock, just CF.
Bump. Make me an offer.
What brand was that? Wish I seen this sooner...
Sorry, I have no idea, bought it used.
As I'm packing it up, I will look for any brand or markings. It's a long shot but it's worth a shot.
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