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Changing the rear clam is not so easy as swapping the front clam!

Should it be such a no-brainer, then everyone could have an Exige for the track and an Elise for the rest of his time on the road! ;)

However, reality is far from such ideas and thoughts! :)

With the help of a German Lotus petrolhead and friend, I've made a whole spreadsheet that shows all the necessary parts for this conversion to be done professionally.

Obviously the spreadsheet doesn't mention anything about professional labour time that is needed for this conversion. This time should be generously multiplied by a generous factor for any of us who are amateur "mechanics" and like to play around with tools and our cars.

The cost only for parts was in 2005 prices in the vicinity of 18.000 euros!!! (and we're talking about a NA Exige and not a SC-ed Exige S!!!)

Also, you have to keep in mind that the clams for the Elise are constructed in a completely different way (injected FG) than the more rigid and heavier hand-laid FG clams of the Exige! ;)

Hope I helped a bit! ;)


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