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Exige frame dent

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Hi all, on inspection of the bottom floor panel on his Exige a friend of mine discovered some dings on the chassis rail connecting the left A and right A jacking points. Needless to say he is disturbed about and so would I be if it where mine.The damage looks like it has been caused or by incorrect jacking or some sort of other reason.
What do you guys think of these dings? they actually look worse in photograph than in reality, the parts interested in the damage have been cleaned with a cloth.

Hope to hear your comments

Thank you


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Structurally speaking, if the dent is smooth (with no creases), and depth is less than the thickness of the structure, it is considered insignificant. The lip, that holds the leading edge of the removable pan is non structural. It looks ugly, but not a problem either.

All aluminum is either anodized (requires an acid bath) or chemical conversion coated (Alodine) to protect it from corrosion. There are brush-on alodines available to buy. If you could do just a little cosmetic straightening of that lip, it would look nicer...but that is just cosmetic. Alodine that damage areas to protect it from corrosion.
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