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I have some Original Lotus Exige parts im trying to sell if you guys are interested.
Exige Hatch engine cover($1450)
Exige fenders and front clam with headlights ($4000)
Exige Lss wheels with tires. Front tires are a bit warn but the Rears are good( $1250)
Exige Taillights OEM not ones in picture( $300)
Exige Carbonfiber front lip made by APR($500)
Exige Roof($2000)
Exige Wing($650)
Exige side scoops($400)
Exige front access panels($320)
All parts are OEM and in great condition, please let me know thank you.
Pics below of the Exige that the parts are coming off of.

Best way to contact me:
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 313-766-8926


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