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ForcedFed upgrade kit. Installed and tuned to
250 RWHp, Removed at customers request.
Cost was $4500 US. Make an offer!!

As described on FF website:

"The package consists of a EFI technologies stand alone ecu, 550cc injectors, boost upgrade pulley and correct serpentine belt.

*Fully programmable Ecu system and mil spec adapter harness that allows for simple reversion back to stock.

*Systems are supplied with base maps and tuning software to allow your vehicle to be programmed in any location by your choice of tuner.

*550cc fuel injectors to allow safe air fuel levels to be maintained with the increased boost levels

*Upgraded supercharger pulley which raises boost to 8-10psi depending on exhaust system upgrades

*Dyno proven increases of 45 wheel horsepower and 35 ft lbs of torque on pump fuel. "
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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