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Interested in trading for an Exige with the balance in cash or another vehicle...something interesting. I like all exotic and particularly oddball things. Description of my car below. I know it sounds odd that I would trade...some are going to question my sincerity, but don't. I have other (older) Lambos and this one has run it's course w/ me. I had all the things done I had ever wanted to do to this car, and now there's nothing left to tackle. Maybe there is a Lotus guy on here that always wanted something like this; it's extreme and raw and a pain to drive around casually. Your Exige must be low mile and perfect S1 or S2. Motorsport editions are great and factory special editions are too. Not too particular about color or just better be perfect or close to it. You are more than welcome to see my car. Please don't waste my time and yours; I am serious if the right guy (and car) is out there. If you have a Morgan Aero 8, I'm interested in those as well.
1991 Lamborghini Diablo

Two CA owner car. Car was purchased from the Peterson Museum in 1999 in perfect condition. Car has an original 14k miles. Car has had extensive work with many factory SVR and custom modifications. Car was completely disassembled (all components including interior, doors, panels, lids, glass, and drive-train), stripped, and repainted. The engine bay was stripped and painted from the stock silver to satin black. The body in bare metal was completely refinished and there are no waves or inconsistencies that exist like there are on the stock body- particularly the doors which stock, are particularly wavy from the factory. Custom aluminum panel work was done to the rear quarter panels to eliminate the rear bumper notches. All work was hand-done in aluminum with no filler, rivets, or adhesive. Everything was TIG welded (not MIG). All post processing was done by hand filing, and finishing. There is no body filler in the entire car. All paint and primer used was Glasurit. There is over $50K in body and paint alone. The car is striking. Other body modifications include: custom front bumper with integrated canards and projection headlamps (high and low bean), factory SVR brake (headlight) ducting, factory SVR side valances (in aluminum, not the replacement ABS ones), Factory rear SVR center panel diffuser, custom hand-fabricated rear wing with custom (aluminum) airfoil extrusions engineered for this car, custom profiled end-plates, uprights, and rod-ends. Wing is a single plane, dual element wing with a fully adjustable second profile element. All hardware is stainless and titanium. All side marker lights and body-slats have been removed. All rear mesh panels are factory GT items. All barrier mesh is aluminum hexagonal (painted). Mechanically the car is stellar. The engine and all ancillaries were completed disassembled and refinished. New parts include the entire clutch assembly (all factory w/ updates- no carbon fiber or Kevlar friction plate aftermarket garbage), new water pump, full tensioner update, factory head gaskets, all new seals and gaskets on ENTIRE motor and gearbox, new clutch linkage, every hose replaced including fuel, breather, and vacuum lines, all belts, valve adjustment, hand polished heads, most black oxide hardware replaced with stainless, block and heads were left raw aluminum as they should be. All crackle-painted surfaces were refinished in gold. All spark plug wires are new as is the distributor. The spark plug receptacles are anodized red. Most engine ancillary items were all de-burred and hand polished. There is no chrome plating anywhere. Other items include a one-off full stainless exhaust (full system). Headers are factory w/ heat shields and are same as SVR. Exit pipes are one-off baffled units. All exhaust components, including the bracketing has been ceramic coated. There are custom hand-fabricated aluminum large capacity radiators (Ron Davis) I had designed and made for the car along with updated Spal fans. Fire wall was completed refinished as were the fender wells. Car has all new rubber seals at EVERY joint and closure. Other mechanical related items include full Brembo brake conversion front and rear (vented, drilled rotors w/ aluminum hats, braided lines, etc.). Conversion was done at Brembo. All caliper brackets are one-off. The full brake system was engineered, constructed, and road tested at the Brembo facility when they used to be in CA. This was not the off-the-shelf brake upgrade you could have purchased from Brembo stock. SVR shocks and springs- not installed on car but available (harsh ride however). Interior was completely redone in custom colored Alcantara. I had purchase a minimum dye-run of the custom color so I have a full roll of material left over- enough to redo seats and door panels some day. The entire interior is Alcantara including the headliner. All interior work was performed by Metal Crafters (Gaffoglio) to show car standard. Other interior items include removal of some of the sound deadening, completely new carpeting, floormats, refinished soft-touch plastic surfacing, one-off carbon fiber shift-knob, Sparco wheel w/ custom boss, removal of stock Alpine alarm, manual A/C compressor switch (all A/C system is flawless and functions incredible), Diablo Roadster seatbelt conversion from the stock motorized belts. Interior is stunning. Of note, when painting a car and removing the factory glass, the stock factory quarter windows are laminated and not tempered. When you remove the windows they break. Because of this of course, you replace the windows. However the new factory Diablo glass has a different tint color and because of this I replaced all the window glass and rear glass so everything matches exactly. Probably useless to do, but it is in keeping with how thorough the rest of the car is. Of course the tires are new and there are endless small insignificant items which were replaced. The car is the most presentable Diablo I know of with incredible detail and fit and finish. It was a three-year process to achieve this at a huge cost of course. No factory car other than an un-raced SVR or GT / GTR compares. The car is wonderful to drive and exceptionally tight. It also lost almost 300lbs in the process which is a benefit. I didn’t build this car to be an SVR or to be faster than some other model; I built it to be the most beautiful and functional 2 wheel drive example. There have been only 1800 miles and roughly 4 years since completion. All parts replaced including all SVR items were factory new old stock…some parts took months to acquire and I know that most are no longer available from the factory.


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