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I own an exige v6 cup that was converted to cup R with xtrac sequential gearbox and so part of the electrical harness was replaced with the Lotus Motorsport one

The standard horn and hazard flashing blinkers are not working anymore as they are not working on the original cup r but the horn itself behind the front grill and it s wiring or part of the wiring is still on the car.

I would like some indications to make the horn work and eventually even the hazard lights so the first think I would like to know is where the wiring of the actual horn is going to as I can see that the wires are still there (do they go the the fuse box or are there any places under the dash where I could find if they are still on the car) so If anyone have tips or pictures to locate them and in case part of the wiring is missing could you let me know what relays or else I should buy to meke it work even if independently from the oem wiring.

Of course if it s possible to do it without removing the front clam is much better

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