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Exige V6 Cup laps Lotus factory test track

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It's the Exige V6 Cup's turn to return home, this time to lap the test track.

Interesting comparison to the V6S. No noticeable straight-line advantage but Cup car is very composed in the turns. A more forgiving car than the 4 cyl Exige too.


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Too bad the track was could tell the driver was being careful (rightfully so).
Some interesting numbers.

Excuses first!: The track was damp as you can see plus a chicane was added before the fast windsock corner, changing it from a 5th gear corner to a 3rd gear corner with an effect on peak speed down the following straight(away). I also did the Lotus Driving Academy day in the Evora S but the track was bone dry. I've been looking through the footage and timing laps and this is what I found.

Evora S dry: 1.46
Exige V6 Cup damp: 1.45

A Lotus factory test driver got the Exige Cup 260 round there in just under 1.38 (dry, no chicane) and the Exige V6S in 1.32.

I'm quite certain I could go under 1.40 with some more practice, a more aggressive lap and without the chicane maybe even 1.38. But that means I wouldn't be able to shake the factory test driver in a Cup260, even with my V6 Cup. But 1.32?! I'd just have to watch the V6S disappear! That is really fast.

I have since been told that the V6 Cup can do 1.30 and the V6 Cup R with sequential box can do 1.25!

Humbling stuff! But there you have it.
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