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Exotics Rally - SoBe Getaway Weekend
Location: South Florida
Date: February 19-22nd, 2009

We all love New York, but during the winter it's a miserable place to be for a car enthusiast. Snow, ice, salt and the freezing temperatures force our cars to hibernate for the winter months. All of us at Exotics Rally have decided to go where there is plenty of sunshine, t-shirts, bikinis, palm trees and mojitos - The Sunshine State and what better an area than SOUTH BEACH!

We're proud to present you with Exotics Rally "SoBe Getaway Weekend". This is a 3 day event in South Florida consisting of group drives, a huge Exotics Rally style run with South Florida exotic car owners from Miami to Naples and an airport runway event where you'll be able to explore the top speed limits of your car on a safe 2 mile long runway!

CAT Express - CAT Express - will be providing safe, enclosed and door to door transport for your car to and back from Florida for a special Exotics Rally price.
Regular price: NY to FL - $1,200 each way.
ER Special price: NY to FL to NY - $1,600. ROUNDTRIP!!! (Must make reservation in advance, space is limited)

Itinerary of the weekend:

February 19th, Thursday:
Arrive in South Beach. Cars will be dropped off at the requested locations and we'll have a welcoming dinner party.

February 20th, Friday:
Drive to Key West. We'll meet in the morning for a group breakfast and head out for a leisurely drive to Key West, FL. The warm sunny weather and the scenic route will make for a relaxing and memorable drive.

February 21st, Saturday:
Exotics Rally and Lamborghini Miami will be setting up a big rally to start in Miami and finish in Naples. ER style rally with 100+ exotic cars, donation to charity, t-shirts, stickers, breakfast and lunch.

February 22nd, Sunday:
We are renting a 2 mile long airport runway near Miami where you'll be able to drive as fast as your car can go without worrying about other cars on the road or a nasty ticket from our friends in uniforms.

Every night we'll have dinners at great restaurants and out to enjoy the famous Miami nightlife.

Accommodations and flights are left to your discretion, although we'd like to ask you to stay in the South Beach area. If you need any help with hotel selection we'll be happy to help.

If you're interested in taking part in this event please contact us and we'll give you more details and set everything up.
It's going to an absolutely amazing fun filled weekend in the sun, one not to be missed.

Seth R. & Hovik G.
(516) 942-5555


I am 85% sure I'm going. I placed my reservation. How cool would it be to have your car to drive around in Miami with other high-end exotics? I can't wait for the high speed run... :D

I suppose if you are in Florida, you might be able to join in on some of the festivities. Email them at [email protected] if you're interested.
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