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DAS Sucks

I had a car shipped (not my choice really since my company was paying for it) cross country with DAS. It arrived more or less on time (good!) but when I got it, it smelled horribly like a person who hadn't showered in a month.

The check engine light also came on for the first time ever about 2 days after they dropped it off. (Cylinder misfire). In the end, the CEL was solved by replacing the plugs, and the car has had no other problems since. The smell went away on its own after a few days and a good vacuuming/cleaning.

I got *lucky*. I have hear many other stories involving DAS that dont' turn out so well.

The excuse "truck broke down" is bull in my opinion. I'd bet they can't find anyone to haul the car so it is sitting somewhere (possibly just parked on the STREET - yes, some of these car companies do that - although I have never specifically heard of DAS doing it) while they look for a driver headed your way willing to take the car. I hope I'm wrong!

A friend of mine had a mint condition modded Supra TT for sale... so a kid from California bought it and arranged shipping through DAS - agains my friend's advice. By the time the car arrived, the side window was smashed, all of the stereo equipment was gone, and the hood paint was ruined (presumably from fluid of some sort leaking from a car above). According to my friend, DAS told the guy something like, "our contract limits our liability to 150 dollars... here you go".
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