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Explanation needed plz .... lug bolt / lug nut / wheel bolt /wheel lug

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Are these terms interchangeable?

If not, then can you differentiate them please.

I have a 2006 Elise with the staggered wheels so which would of these terms apply to what my car uses?

long story short .. I lost my wheel lock key and need to remove that nasty little thing ... but I want to replace them with ones that do not need a key

thanks in advance for all the advice !!!! <3
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Those terms are not interchangeable.

Elises and Exiges use lug bolts/wheel bolts as opposed to some cars which have studs and then use lug nuts/wheel nuts.

If you have already removed the locking bolts you can get four new, non-locking, ones from Lotus to remove the lock issue. Alternatively you can replace all 16 bolts with BMW ones which also elminates the need for the Lotus splined socket tool.

As another solution you can get a stud kit which will conver your Elise to studs/nuts (available from sector 111).

PS: all Elise/Exige models have the staggered wheels.
THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! :coolnana:

I was reading about the bmw option and looks like I will definitely go that route.

I like to think I'm somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to cars but my lotus makes me feel like a kindergartner in college lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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