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Extra Wheels/Tires for sale

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FS: Set of SSR COMP (silver) WHEELS (17" Rear 16" front)
with Kumo Exsta ASX tires (lots of tread left!)

This is the same as Lotus stock size as I have the same set of SSR COMP (silver) that has Yoko A048's (which I will keep).

I was using the Extra SSR's and Kumos as "touring", daily driving and the other set was for track and canyon use. Now my Elise is only dedicated for track/canyon driving so I do not need two sets!

SSR's are in GREAT SHAPE, no curb rash or dings, and one of the LIGHTEST rims you can purchase for your Lotus. It's beautiful and elegant as the silver on your Lotus but it's great for track use too!:up:

I'm asking $1000 or best for all.
Southern California Only (pick-up only)
I'm located in Thousand Oaks

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I am interested.... are these "SSR Comp-H" wheels or "SSR Competition" wheels?

Also the width if you know them.

Same as stock size as in base size or sport? I am also interested...
Good deal, SSR is the best!! Plus the SSR comp C is no longer in production.
I am interested and local. You have a PM.
Lotuselise7 has first dibs since he gave me a PM,

if he does not buy the set, they will still be available.

Any other offers?



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These awesome wheels are still available from what I hear. If I do the math correctly they save 24 lbs in rotating mass just on the wheels alone over the base wheels.
still available Hal?
More goodies

still available Hal?
Sorry, the wheels/tires are gone!

BUT there other Lotus goodies:

2 posters of Lotus cars, including Elises: FREE! You pick them up from Thousand Oaks

Carbon Fiber Lotus License Frame (adds at least 75 HP to your Lotus)
I paid $49. Best offer and YOU pick it up from Thousand Oaks

Saffron Yellow Elise car model (small) $5 (pick up from Thousand Oaks)

Radio Controlled Exige model (Saffron Yellow) LARGE! $10 (pick up frm Thousand Oaks)

NO mailing!!!

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I'll take the remote control car!!!
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