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These things seem to take a beating (and I have no recollection of wearing cleats in this car). Wish it was either trimmed out or a surface that would accept some sort of polishing.

Sorry, 10 years of Jaguar E-type motordome has me constantly thinking in concourse terms. I do drive the snot out of the thing though!

I hear what you are saying. Mine came with a couple of scratches when the car was brand new! :mad: I dont see any decent way of repairing one of these extrusions either. If you want an OEM look, paint won't work and anything else applied to cover it will not look right. If anyone has a fix for this, I would be interested too. I have resorted to putting an old towel over mine for people to step on which is not a good fix (slippery under foot) and it looks pretty lousy, however I haven't gotten any new scratches. :shrug:
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