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Selling my 2zz engine and replacing with a k-series swap. PM me for anything 2zz related. Im parting it out.


- 21,101 miles on engine and transmission. Engine has low compression in cylinders 3 & 4. Compression results are as follows: 190/190/120/120. A leakdown test confirmed it was due to the piston rings so the bottom end is going to need a little bit of refreshing. Selling for 1400$ for complete long block or 2,000 with all manifolds, coils, etc attached. (I'll include a cooling mist water/alcohol injection for free if someone purchases the complete long block)

- 6 speed shifts flawlessly, an has no trouble whatsoever going into gear. 1500$

I also have a Greddy supercharger kit with a AEM tru power pulley for sale for $2,100 (Just bolt on and go).

Vari- Cool Water/Methanol Injection 250$

Also have Standalone efi 1.2 w/ harness from DRS for sale: 1,200 $ (this is a deal!)

Have Greddy E-manage with harness and an extra Greddy supercharged manifold (has a few slivers that need to be re-surfaced)
for sale (will sell emanage and harness for 400$ and manifold for 250$ )

Stock 2zz manifold 150$

Im not sure what the procedure for this for sale forum but Ill post up VIN and pics I suppose. Im located in Corpus and will deliver within a reasonable range:
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