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Used Oem Carbon Hatch $3000 Plus shipping
Includes new rod and clip parts for trunk
Not included Trunk latch , rubber side stoppers
*Note- 1 Rivnut added can be used with 1 trunk strut if do not want to use rod .
US parts no longer list hatch as available

Grille Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Grey
Automotive lighting Vehicle Hood Automotive tire Tire

Carbon front hatch $985 plus shipping
Weighs only a few ounces !!!
New from Lotus over $1900
Grille Product Electronic instrument Rectangle Gadget

2010-2014 Evora OEM Carbon engine cover $600 plus shipping
Not a copy with latches included ready to drop in .
Does not include LOTUS or LOTUS PERFORMANCE Emblems
Can get decals from
No longer available from Lotus and weighs 1/3 of standard cover

Grille Helmet Glove Automotive lighting Hood
Grey Font Automotive tire Material property Pattern
Grille Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Hethelsport Carbon 430 Style rear spoiler $1100 plus shipping
Endcaps are painted 400 Carbon Grey
Includes new hardware
Wing new is $1750 plus shipping

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Automotive design
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

2010-2014 Mansory GTE Carbon shell seats $1500 for set plus shipping
Original seats used in 20 Evora GTEs before cars totally rebuilt by Lotus
Includes Lotus Recaro rails , side mounts and seat belt buckles
Not a upgrade over Recaro just different seat and much lighter
Seats do not recline so behind seat access could be limited

Footwear Shoe Leg Vehicle Human body
Automotive lighting Hood Window Eyelash Human body