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The gas should be fine if that's your preference for around town, non-towing duty, cost, model, style, etc. Suggest trying the diesel though and see if it suits you.

Definitely get the backup camera and integrated brake controller options; camera is great for hooking up the trailer by yourself. I know here even an aluminum open trailer with my ~2,000 lb Plus 2 would require electric brakes; your state may be different but well worth the $200 to have the capability on your tow vehicle, and electric brakes are a good feature.

I towed my Esprit V8 (~3,000 lb) on an incredibly heavy steel rental flat bed trailer from Calgary to Vancouver and back. I guess thats about 600 miles and three mountain ranges each way. Used my 2011 Ford E150 gas Econoline Van and it towed fine. I think it's 'official' tow rating is around 7,200 lb, but it feels pretty maxed with our 5,400 lb travel trailer camper. It only has a three speed plus OD transmission; I believe the F150 comes with a better transmission option and maybe a better V8?

I guess this is the last year for the venerable Econoline, so they never upgraded the drivetrains. Over fifty year product run.

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