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Gauging interest on possibly selling my complete kit Coupe or trading for a Lotus Elise and a little cash or an Exige and I could throw in a little cash. May even consider selling it as a roller if someone wanted to go with another powertrain combo. It was built with no frills and was intended to be an auto x / HPDE car. I just dont have time to mess with it. It has a 331 that dynoed at 331 rwhp/344tq and had more in it I just had the rev limiter a little too low, T5Z trans with Astroperformance .79 5th gear in it, 3.73 3 link rear end and Wilwood brake combo on all corners. Fronts are 6 piston on 13.8" rotors and 4 pistons on 11" rotors on the rear. No heat, No AC, no side windows installed, has Breeze Automotive removable steering wheel, Kirkey seats and Russ Thompson window slats and gas pedal.

What it needs:

Headliner installed if you want it. Had to get it out of the paintbooth and get it home in a hurry, forgot to put it in before I left painters.

Possibly revise the wiper linkage if needed. Used a boat wiper motor and 65 Mustang wheel boxes with a solid rod between em.

$38k as a driver or $30 as a roller. Im losing money either way, just dont have time to race/ maintain it.
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