For sale is a factory Super Charger for a Lotus Elise. Price Drop Asking $2300 + shipping. Miles on it are unknown. I just recently purchased it for $2500 + $100 shipping from Wirewheel and am trying to just get my money back from it. This is the post I purchased from:

Where to begin.... these do not come up very often so I jumped on it quickly. I live in CA so I knew SMOG would be an issue but figured since its factory I might be able to figure it out. Well.... while I can get my ECU tuned (can no longer purchase the factory ECU for the SC BTW, trust me I tried) I still would not have the guarantee of passing SMOG. So I decided to just let it go to someone who doesn't have to worry about this. Brand new these are coming paired with a new ECU and are selling for ~$8k. So this is a steal to get a factory SC. After MANY phone calls... what I found out is that once you get this installed you need to get a custom tune hooked up to a dyno to get this going just fine. I had a couple places tell me they could do this. As far as sending out your ECU to get the flash for this I didn't have much luck finding a spot but I didn't exhaust the list of places to go either. Once I learned I could get this done but couldn't pass SMOG I decided to not pursue it. The gaskets are on the box it came packaged in. I took more pictures than the last post had as well. Really hope this can find a good home.