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Factory power kit. Interested?

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I doubt it would make it for the 2005 models, but if Lotus did offer it in 2006, I'd hope it would a retrofitable dealer option.

With a power kit, I would expect a modest power increase (less than aftermarket company claims), but I'd expect it to be a confirmed increase that was reliable and not void the warranty.


1) How much would you pay for a power kit that offer hotter cams, updated ECU, and probably revised intake and exhaust?

And, being reasonable

2) What type of power would you expect for your money.
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Sorry, I forgot to put my answer.

Like Mike, I'd also around $4-$6K for 15 crank horsepower. I'm sure aftermarketeers will be claiming more, but I'd like to have reassurances of a factory warranty.

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Looking at the official Lotus 135 upgrade for the K-series Elise then I guess $4 to $6k is a valid guess for around 15HP power gain.

One caution though. These may have the 'official stamp of approval', but it unfortunately does not mean that they are better than any aftermarket solution.

The Official S2 135R for instance is plagued by cylinder head problems (porous/cracks), which is a complete non-issue on all the other 3rd party upgrade kits for the engine.

Same amount of money on third party tuners gets you around an extra 40HP for the K-series and several of these are recognised as being the best in the business.

Another 'issue' may be a legal one. The 135 kit for instance has never been officially sold outside the UK for road use, because it was never homologated for use in the rest of europe, so not automatically road legal.

So an 'uprated' Toyota offering by lotus may carry a 'track use only' stamp if getting it through all the approval procedures for car manufacturers gets to be too expensive. (usually not an issue for third-party or individuals tuning their car)

Bye, Arno.
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