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Hello fellow enthusists.
I do not get on here as much as I would like unfortunately as it is always comforting to see what we all go through and still soldier on in the face of adversity.
I am writing this as I was about to write Dave Bean (Ken if he is still there) and was looking up his email address and saw an email about an unpleasant vacuum servo experience. It brought back painful memories.
Many years ago I bought a 5 port dry sump from Bean and as it turned out the pressure relief kept staying open, he did replace the pump (only) and I will let you imagine what happens from oil starvation----this was in a Hart Twin Cam.
A few years I bought a new timing chain ( you all know what you have to do to change an endless chain --right) and as I an dialing it in I notice about 0.030 side slop on the crimped on connecting link.
I called Dave right away and he said it was the Asian chain he was using---I thought to myself WHY??? so he could make another$20 on such a vital item?he replaced the chain and head gasket, unfortunately I lost a month of my summers use of the car because of how long it took (hard to drive Elans in the snowy season.)
Then about 10 years ago I rebuilt another engine using his valve springs etc.
Ran the engine in one car for 6 summers withno problem and never took it over 6500rpm as the power dropped at 7200 (Cosworth spec) Then on one nice local club Lotus run I hit 7200, the noise out of the motor would make your stomach cramp--bottom line: bent valves, broken pistons etc--lost summer. Couldnt figure out what happened, everything was to spec. After lots of inspection and inquirey I found that valve spring tension did not meet spec by 16 lbs ! fitted length according to Bean is 1.280, only 5000 miles on the motor--bought new springs ( yes idiot me, from Bean) and then compared them ,they were identical, I checked to see where they actually met the spec, fitted length has to be 1.180! and then pressures are ok, I was seriously pissed and called him and asked why the hell he sells a part with a quoted fitted length that doesnt work?? His only comment,"we always check our pressures, we never go by fitted length". Uggggghhhhhhhhh
You should be able to guess my comments.
Now for the good part, I just checked all the new springs I bought from QED and guess what ???? they are all a min. 10% better than spec pressures at open and closed positions.
It is a learning curve to be sure, we must go into it with our eyes wide open and one should not put your trust into anyone blindly who is in business only to make money off of your passion.

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I like the fellow at QED. Helpful.

I installed a used (156 hp) QED Twin-Cam and it ran great for over a decade.

Then, had MWE (LI, NY) rebuild it. The rebuild was supposed to be 167 crank hp.

It failed TWICE and never ran much better - if at all - than the old QED.

BTW, I always recommend checking the full distributor advance curve on old t-c engines. An advance timing light and a very hot engine are req'd.

PM me if details needed.
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