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Saturday I was heading up to the Grandparents homestead to visit with family. I called my mom to see what time. At the end of the conversation I got "Becareful not to get caught speeding!".

COME ON, SERIOUSLY. Not "I love you", not "safe journey" No. Not my family. "Don't get caught speeding"

Ugh. So later on then I'm there and we start talking about American Chopper. We were all talking and I very stupidly said that my girlfriend keeps joking about how I act exactly like Mikey from that show except for the long hair*. So yeah, at that point I EXPECTED someone from my family to say "No". Did they? No. They all shook their heads and laughed and said "YEAH! That excatly who he reminded us of - YOU!"

I need a new family. ;)

* Sadly I do agree, I'm pretty happy go lucky.
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