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Feb 20, Thunderhill--DISCOUNT for Lotus Folks!

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Hi all... Wanted to let you know that Hooked On Driving will be discounting its Feb 20 Thunderhill event by $50 for Lotus drivers. There is a special code you need to enter on the Hooked On Driving website in the “gift or credit code” box on the registration page. The code is gglotus09 and it should only be used by people driving in Lotus cars! Please check out this event. Hooked On Driving is quite newbie-friendly, and I am 95% sure that I'll be there coaching. This is a great opportunity for both beginners as well as more advanced drivers who want a mature atmosphere and plentiful track time (and probably a relatively open track). Please PM or email me if you have questions.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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